Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update Sunday April 25, 2010

I forgot to mention that my friend (the nurse), called me Friday and she had asked her ER doctor, and a few other doctors, and they highly recommend Dr. F as an endo. I immediately called to set an appointment, because I knew it would be quite some time before I could get in with him. I get to see him on TUESDAY April 27, 2010! Dang... here I go getting my hopes up again, but at least I didn't find this doctor on the internet. *sigh*

Wish me luck, I am at my wits end. All this writing may not seem like a lot, but struggling with this thyroid problem for so many years has really been a pain... can't my TSH levels just be normal? Can't I just work out and lose weight like other women? I could understand the way I feel and the way I look if I just sat down and never did anything. But I am working my butt off, and not getting anywhere, and could it just be me? Could all these doctors really not know what to do to help??? I am willing to travel at this point, just to go to a world renowned endo...

I just want to feel NORMAL!!!

Why is my health such a battle???

Will update soon...

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