Sunday, May 9, 2010

Update Monday May 10, 2010

Well I have officially been on 225mcg Synthroid for almost 2 weeks now (which is . Not sure if I was expecting a miracle, but I am unable to stay asleep more than 3-4 hours at a time. NOT SAYING it is the uppage in doseage by any means. But my energy levels are very very very low if not simply non-existant. Most likely because I can't sleep very well, so my body isn't resting as it should. I am still on the 30mg prevacid. I have had to call Dr. P to find out what I could and couldn't eat, and he said to just start from scratch. Try everything. If it makes me feel bad or hurts my stomache then mark that down for a non-eating/drinking item. So far I have had to cross off milk and chocolate. A friend came over last night and asked me if I was lactose intolerant.. I said no, but she said with milk and chocolate being triggers, you may have developed an intolerance. Hmm, never thought about that! Maybe I will check that the next time I go to the dr and see.

My hubby and I are planning on taking a cruise soon. I am having a fit because I don't want to be on this gorgeous multi-country trip and be exhausted, and looking/feeling terrible. :( Luckily I only have 6 weeks left before I re-lab and go back to Dr. F. for an update. But IF he decides I can be on Meridia, then I want to start it about 3-4 months before the cruise so I can loose a few lbs before going. I know that sounds bad. But you know from reading past blogs that I really have a problem with weight loss pills due to my bad experience with phenteramine. But now I am actually anxious to start it, if it will truly give me the weight loss boost I need!

When will I get my energy back and my sleep habits on a normal track. :( Is it so hard to want to feel normal? I have a great attitude around my family and friends, very positive. But here I can vent and say I am truly scared of not being normal again. I know I have to give this doctor time to work with my levels and such, and give time for the new meds/doseages to set in, but I am impatient for normalcy nowdays.

Sorry to ramble on... be continued.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peptic Ulcer Update

Well I called my doctor (Dr P) today to find out what the correct items were that I could and could not eat, because I have been getting quite frustrated with all the opposing information found online and given to me by friends.

His simple response was stay away from the 4 things that can thin your blood: Caffine, Cigarettes, Asprin and Alcohol. In reference to my eating, he told me to simply experiment. If I eat something that upsets my stomache, then write it down and don't eat that again. If I eat something that doesn't hurt my stomache, then write it down on my "can eat" list.

Wow, could it be any easier via explanation? I guess the next thing to figure out is, if I eat a meal (like tonight I made a roast with veggies, and packets of powder gravy sauce stuff) and after I eat my tummy hurts, how do I narrow it down to what in that specific meal was the buggar that ended up hurting my stomache?

Hey, at least I have a starting point, right?

On to the next... be continued

Update Wednesday May 5, 2010

Wow, I got up this morning, and felt awake, alive and ready to face the world! I went to bed around 3 and got up at 6:30. I just couldn't lay there any longer. So I got up and got dressed for the gym. I put on a roast for dinner so it could cook slowly all day long. I got out the door and went to the grocery store for a few odds and ends, went to the gas station and came back home. I decided it was time to eat a little something if I was going to go to the gym. I obviously didn't listen. I had chicken and half cup of cooked pasta (the grilled chicken was already cooked so why not finish it up).

Within 30 minutes of eating, I was absolutely exhausted. So I unfortunately laid down and woke up around 2. :( My whole day wasted. I am absolutely disgusted. Was it the pasta? Was it the chicken? WHAT DREW MY ENERGY OUT OF ME?!

;( Very disappointing. I guess I can start again tomorrow. Tonight I am going to take a sleeping pill quite early and maybe it will keep me asleep for the night so I can wake up tired but ready to go. :(

Dang... I had so much to do today...

Update Tuesday May 4, 2010

Well, I have been on 225 Synthroid now for almost a week. No irregular signs or symptoms other than the terrible sweating. But that could just as easily be from the weight gain. I am still not going to the gym. But I intend on going tomorrow to start up again, now that I have this new dosage in my system. Oh and this tired thing... when will I ever not be tired all the time? I wake up refreshed and ready to go, whether I have slept 3 hours or 6, or 10 for that matter, and within a few hours I am ready to hibernate. I am sick to death of being so darn tired... ugh! But again, that could be not only my thyroid levels being so low, but also the weight gain could have a big impact. :(

Anyway, I spoke with my RN friend today. She has a list of what I can and cannot eat for the peptic ulcer. I can't believe the things I cannot eat. CHICKEN? What is up with that? That is all I have been eating since I found out was chicken and rice. So much for that. but I can eat a lot of berries, so that is good because I love fruits and veggies. In fact I used to be vegetarian, until I got married to my ex and then I became a carnivore, but only for certain meats and not very often. I am highly considering going back to that lifestyle, it sure made me feel energetic and healthy and not so heavy in the mid-section.

She also recommended kelp. Preferrably raw, since vitamins are actually quite dangerous for you. She said they are over processed and if you take any vitamin on any given day, and put it on a pan in the oven, they will melt into black globs of goo. YUCK! no wonder I have stopped taking suppliments! Anyway, she told me that the kelp will help lower my thyroid numbers on labs. That her "naturalist" friend is almost off her Synthroid completely. However, I did ask her if her friend had a thyroid, and she said she does. I had to remind her I don't have one at all, so I may never be able to go off the med completely, but I would love to lower my numbers and am willing to try anything.

So, kelp it is. She is going to bring the list of foods over, tomorrow hopefully, as well as the info on the Kelp. I am excited to get started. :)

Update Wednesday April 28, 2010

I put in a call to Dr. F as requested, and let him know my labs had been done the day before. The receptionist took a message and told me they would call me back as soon as my results got to their office.

Within 2 hours (which seemed like 20) Dr. F's nurse called me. She told me that Dr. F wanted to push my Synthroid up to 225 and stay away from the Meridia for now until we can get my numbers to a more normal level. I agreed and she said she would call in the 225 right then so I could start it the next morning.

I have never been over 200 on Synthroid before and my only concern in my mind is that if you get higher than you need to be, your bones can become brittle and you have a much higher risk for osteoporosis.

I went the next morning and got the 225, and started it that day. So here we go, April 29, 2010, let's see what 225 does to my body! ugh

Update Tuesday April 27, 2010

Well I saw Dr. F today. He was incredible. I immediately felt comfortable when he walked into the room. I was very concerned about a particular thing which was bad on my part, but as soon as I saw him, I knew my concerns were unfounded.

Well Dr. F asked me some questions, and actually LISTENED! It was great! He did mention that it might be a good idea for me to go on Meridia. But I told him my concerns of any further weight pills, due to my experience with Phenteramine. He told me that Phen was very dangerous and that Meridia wasn't like that. Same family, yes, but much safer. Then he said, we needed to get updated labs done first, and IF my numbers were normal, he would call in some Meridia and try that for only 3 months, that it would give me a good jump start. He also said he wanted to check my sugar levels too, to make sure that I wasn't becoming diabetic. I was totally fine with that.

I went and got my labs done as soon as I left Dr F's office. I verified with the lab tech what was being checked and she said thyroid and sugars. I felt great at this point, knowing that this doctor might just be the one that will be able to help me. ;) I looked forward to the results the next day and to find out what Dr. F would end up doing.

I went home that night and researched Meridia. It seems to work on a lot of people, no doubt. But as soon as people stop taking it, they gain the weight back, and then some. I also read that people have headaches so bad they have to quit. And that it is very pricey and is not covered by insurance. So out of 2000 some odd reviews, those were the general concensus. I decided not to stress about it, and just see what happened the next day with my lab results. be continued